What we are doing to the environment is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another
- Mahatma Gandhi


Our Vision

To create wealth from waste by developing dynamic, eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for medical and environmental problems, integrating the richness of traditional knowledge with the practicality of modern science.

Our Mission

To provide healthy solutions for ecological scourges like pollution of the air, water and soil and for modern lifestyle ailments, which are slowly but steadily degrading life on planet Earth.

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Ecohealth is a company chasing a dream. The dream of a world free of pollution. Where nature’s bounty is not spoiled by the effluents of science. Where the air is pristine in its purity. Where rivers of pure water flow and do not stagnate. Where the soil is fertile and not degraded by chemical toxins camouflaged as fertilizers. Where the people are free from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, hyper-tension, arthritis...

Researching deep into time-honoured customs and practices, we develop practical, green solutions to several of the ills confronting modern society and threatening the future of the world.












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