What we are doing to the environment is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another
- Mahatma Gandhi


Our Vision

To create wealth from waste by developing dynamic, eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for medical and environmental problems, integrating the richness of traditional knowledge with the practicality of modern science.

Our Mission

To provide healthy solutions for ecological scourges like pollution of the air, water and soil and for modern lifestyle ailments, which are slowly but steadily degrading life on planet Earth.


Diabetics are usually advised not to consume rice as the starch content of the rice tends to increase the blood sugar levels of the consumer aggravating pre-existing hyper-glycaemia. In a predominantly rice-consuming country like India, this restriction by itself acts as a psychologically negative factor for patients.

Ecohealth has developed Diabetorice, a herbally processed rice, which is an effective food supplement for Diabetics. Diabetorice has the goodness of proven herbs which are commonly used in Indian medicine to keep blood sugar levels under control. These herbs are absolutely safe, do not have any side effects and can be safely consumed even by non-diabetics.

This herbally processed rice does not contain any banned or toxic drugs. It does not contain any heavy metals. Nor does it contain any allopathic drug or medicine. Those who consume this herbal rice will be more energetic and active and the rice will not increase the blood sugar levels of the consumer. This ensures total psychological satisfaction as well.

This product, which was originally launched as Amrutham Diarice, is now being marketed by Herbalaya and is available in leading departmental stores in Tamilnadu under the brand name  Herbalaya Diabetorice.



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